wealth strategies faq

How can I generate double-digit ROIs?

Traditional investments and wealth strategies are doing good when they return 7 to 10%. This is not necessarily guaranteed and is subject to market fluctuations. So even if you are getting 10% one year, you may get substantially less over, say, the next two years, averaging down to a single-digit overall ROI over the life of that investment’s term. At Position Yourself Wealth Strategies, we offer education on fixed rate, equity-backed alternative asset channels that have double-digit returns. Contact us to learn more about these strategies.

It does not stop here, though. Armed with the right information and financial instruments, you can make interest compound even further. By leveraging earned interest into further vehicles, you can generate more interest, positioning your original dollar to work that much harder for you.

For instance, if you have an instrument that produces 8% ROI over the course of a year, taking that interest and putting it to work in another financial vehicle with a single digit ROI, gives you a double-digit ROI when the two rates are added together (ie: 8% + 7% = 15% over combined terms).

See our page on Alternative Asset Channels for more information.

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Are Position Yourself's wealth strategies "get-rich-quick" schemes?

Short answer; absolutely not

Longer answer; we present to you education on what are to be considered lifetime strategies to help you accomplish your financial goals. While some strategies may generate returns fairly quickly, strategies for your future, for your retirement, or your family’s day-to-day operation should be looked at as a life-discipline rather than an overnight gain.

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Does working with you cost me anything?

Our services generally do not cost anything. Your Financial Discovery Call is 100% free. We act as a referral partner for various companies, providing education on financial instruments or strategies. We receive referral fees from these companies. As a note, some financial vehicles or tools we present may incur their own custodial fees or other charges for their use.

Why not just save up my money and pay cash for stuff?

Saving up and paying cash does eliminate debt, however, what people generally neglect to see is the other power their money holds. That is, the power of what your money can do for your while you still have it. Once you spend money, it’s gone! Typically, what you purchase is either consumed or depreciates. Since that kind of spending is unavoidable, a technique of the wealthy is to allow the capital they already possess to earn interest and, instead, purchase the things they need with the interest that principal generates.

Paying cash for something up front does save you the cost of the interest you would have paid over time; but paying cash unfortunately also destroys the money-making potential of that capital. We can show you how to leverage your capital and your debts in order to maximize your income earning potential. Schedule a call with us at your convenience by clicking here.

Do these wealth strategies apply to running a business?

Yes, definitely. Using a business’ cash flow to leverage and grow is one way to diversify and build a strong foundation for that business to expand on down the road. Making capital work for you more than once should be the goal for most dollars you or your business earn. The results for a business, or an individual, multiply over time so the earlier you begin the more you will benefit as time goes by. 

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