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At WealthStrategiesForLife.com, we believe the information provided on this web site to be accurate, and we attempt to minimize errors and false information. However, since we and technology are subject to mistakes, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the specific information provided. Since information provided in this website is intended to be conceptual and educational in nature, please consult with legal, tax, financial, and insurance professionals before implementing any strategy discussed herein.

Additionally, since companies, rates, laws, tax codes, and other bits of information are changing frequently, we do not guarantee to be precise with every piece of information provided on this site (quantitative or qualitative). The site is for conceptual and educational purposes only and if you find an error in the content, please notify us.

Life insurance products discussed herein are sold by numerous different life insurance companies. These products are not available outside of the United States unless otherwise specified. Any products sold outside of the United States will require the appropriate licensure.

Life insurance policies are contracts between the insured and the life insurance company. These contracts are bound by the legal language inside of the life insurance policy. No insurance, promises, guarantees, or benefits will be offered by or paid by Position Yourself or its endorsed independent agents. Position Yourself is not an insurance company but a third-party educational site. Upon developing a relationship with prospects, our individually licensed and endorsed agents may sell insurance products to consumers from various life insurance companies. All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of that particular insurer. If a policyholder takes excessive policy loans, a lapse in the policy could occur and tax consequences could ensue. We believe that policy loans should be serviced regularly and eventually repaid to avoid a lapse to the policy.

Quotes and illustrations which we may provide by e-mail, phone or online are estimates and are reflective of the prices for the rate classes noted for various life insurance products/companies as of the date the quote is provided. Rates provided in this manner are not offers for insurance, but rather rough estimates which are provided to us by various insurance companies based on whatever information has been provided by the prospect regarding their personal situation. Rates and availability are subject to complete underwriting and approval by the insurance company selected. Underwriting requirements and parameters vary by insurance company and are dictated by the various companies rather than by Position Yourself. Any and all required illustrations, applications, supplemental forms, and other documents necessary to evaluate and/or apply for life insurance coverage will be provided as soon as they become necessary in the process and will vary by the company being recommended by the endorsed independent agents. Availability of premium rates and policy forms may be changed by each insurer without prior notice. Rates, plans, and availability also vary by state. Agents will provide insurance information for states in which they are licensed.

License numbers are available upon request and are automatically provided where required. Any solicitation outside of the state of Georgia will require a license for that state and the license number will be provided upon request. It is the responsibility of the independent agents working with Position Yourself to maintain the appropriate licensure and continuing education for each jurisdiction in which they transact or promote to transact insurance business.

If information is provided inadvertently to any person or company in a jurisdiction in which one of our independent representative agents is either not duly licensed and/or appointed, such information should be discarded (and treated as a clerical error) and you should seek a qualified, licensed, and appointed representative of the state of jurisdiction to assist you.
By providing your information on this site, you agree and understand that we may contact you via phone or email to follow up regarding your request for information that you initiated.

When you fill out our request form you are explicitly initiating a business relationship with us (as defined by the National Do Not Call Registry), inviting and consenting to the receipt of information by Position Yourself and individually licensed insurance agents recommended and/or endorsed by Position Yourself (which may be provided to you online, by fax, phone, email, US Mail, etc.). By initiating a relationship with us you are waiving any right to claim that we or our affiliates contacted you without your express consent. If you wish to stop receiving correspondence from us, you may notify us of this desire in writing or by email and you will be immediately removed from our contact list.

Under Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, consumers have the right to limit the distribution of nonpublic personal information. Position Yourself understands that some information shared with us is indeed private and personal. Such nonpublic personal information is necessary and routinely provided by consumers to life insurance companies and their representing agents. Such information is used solely for the purposes of life insurance inquiries and applications and is not shared with other companies not involved in the application process. As such, in order to provide the most accurate information possible to our clients, it is understood that such personal information may be shared with insurance companies. It is assumed that we have the permission to evaluate this information, and in its sole judgment, to share it with insurance companies, their reinsurers, wholesalers, underwriters and other related parties (including the applicant) as necessary for the purpose of shopping for, evaluating, making recommendations regarding, and/or underwriting any proposed or existing life insurance coverage. Such nonpublic personal information is not used for any other purpose. The underwriting (risk assessment) will not begin until after the completed application is provided to the insurance company selected and all underwriting requirements are completed. Upon completion of all underwriting requirements, coverage will not be in effect until underwriting has completed and a policy is delivered, and premium is received by the insurance company. The only time coverage may be in effect in advance of underwriting completion is through the correct completion of a “Conditional Receipt” as described by the insurance company selected. Position Yourself, or any endorsed agents, cannot provide coverage and are bound by the requirements of the life insurance company’s underwriting requirements. Position Yourself is of the strong belief that consumers should NEVER cancel or alter existing coverage because of a new application or pursuit of a new policy until the new policy is approved by the insurance company and a satisfactory replacement (with the correct replacement paperwork completed) policy is put into effect.

Each insurance company that is represented by our endorsed agents provides a “free look period”. A free look period gives the consumer the right to examine and review their policy upon receipt and, if for any reason, the consumer deems the policy unacceptable they have the right to cancel the policy and receive a refund of the premiums paid. The free look period is defined in the policy pages and is offered by the insurance company and the free look period length can vary depending upon the state coverage is obtained.

We have designed this website to help to educate consumers surrounding life insurance and alternative investing and how to accurately strategize the right coverage and policy for themselves, their needs and their goals. We have made every effort to provide as accurate of information as possible. It is advised that this website provides education only and specific recommendations should only be made after careful review and with the input of professionals. This site does not provide advice on legal, tax, or financial planning and the consumer should seek the advice of professionals in these areas to make the correct life insurance choice for their specific situation.

The information in the website is provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind or any guarantees and Position Yourself hereby disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Position Yourself is not obligated to monitor any transmission made to or through any of the pages contained in this website or any website which may be linked to or from this website. However, and notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Position Yourself has the right to monitor such transmissions and to use or disclose information gathered from this site.

All content, pages, data, and designs contained in this web site (with the exception of Insurance Company names and logos which are the exclusive property of the respective insurance companies) are the express property of Position Yourself and cannot be copied, redistributed, modified, reproduced or used without the express written consent of Position Yourself.

While we attempt to protect the security of our website, any use of the internet and our site cannot be fully guaranteed to be secure and as such, Position Yourself cannot be held liable for any breach to the security of a computer, web-connection, the site and any damages cause by such a breach. Position Yourself bears responsibility for the content of the advertisements that Position Yourself creates but does not bear responsibility for delivery of such advertisements. Notwithstanding anything in any other past or current agreements to the contrary, our advertising vendors represent that all means used to generate leads, including the serving/display of any advertisements, sending of mail, email, or telemarketing, are legal and do not violate the state or federal laws in the jurisdiction in which they are delivered.