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“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver”
Ayn Rand

alternative asset channels

Bypassing banks and lending money to yourself has been, traditionally, a financial strategy of the uber-wealthy. Not any more. Using the power of proprietary direct lending products, you can earn double-digit ROIs working powerfully for your financial security solutions. Click below to find out how.

Personal banking legacy system

Did you know it is possible to never use banks? What if you could borrow from yourself and pay back yourself—earning compound interest on your principle the whole time? There is a way. Structuring your own money in this savvy way can also provide nicely for your future. Click the button below to inquire how you can get started setting this up for yourself.

debt management strategies

There are lots of companies out there working to help eliminate your debt. Many of them can work. But one thing they all tend to fail to take into account is the hidden power of debt. Not all debt is bad. If that sounds like a heretical statement, schedule a call with me asap. I’ll explain myself. (A hint: I combine the power of any unlocked equity with a personal banking system)

Debt Elimination
Financial security solutions

Unlock Your Equity potential

For property and home owners that have either paid some money down or have been paying on their property for some time, you just may be sitting on a goldmine of equity. Unlocking it the right way allows your real estate to become astonishingly powerful! Properly done, you can take the property you actually own and turn it into a real asset. If you have rentals, this is in addition to that income! Contact me today!

American Financial Statistics

Do You Have at Least $500,000 for Retirement?

It is estimated that for comfortable retirement, you need to have at least $500,000—each—when you decide to leave the work force. Most Americans do NOT have that much saved. Living off of Social Security alone is a struggle for even the most frugal people.

78% of Americans Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Due to a multitude of strains on our income these days, some find it a struggle to save even just a little bit. Living paycheck-to-paycheck can be horribly stressful. Estimates also find that many individuals in this financial situation may be one or two paychecks away from bankruptcy.

Interest Costs You $280,000 Over Your Lifetime!

Not counting a home, interest charged for car loans, in-store financing, credit cards, unsecured bank loans, etc eats away at our income. In your life, you will pay an estimated $280,000 in interest alone. That is about half of what you need to have saved for retirement!

45% of Baby Boomers Have No Retirement Savings

Pensions aren't what they used to be; companies are even eliminating the ones they have had for decades. 401Ks and the stock market see highs and lows. There are many factors involved but at the end of the day, a LOT of people are going to need help financially as they head towards retirement.


While life is certainly full of variables, we can do our best to set ourselves up for success by being as discerning and diligent as possible. The real issue in life lies in the fact that we don't know what we don't know. And this can hurt us.

Learning for the first time about financial options and strategies we didn't know existed may be strange and seem too fantastic initially—but that is just because you didn't know about it! Speak with me. Learn about how you can build a formulaic wealth-building strategy that can bring lasting results like you've never experienced before!

Financial security

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