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I thought I had done everything as best as I could with our personal finances. I had gotten our family debt-free a number of times, had been able to pay cash for cars, had even paid for a surgery in cash. When we had needed money, there were times I had it and I was proud of that.

No matter how much I scrimped and saved though, something always crept up; credit card debt, medical bills, life’s unexpected emergencies, and there we were, right back in debt again. Little to no savings. Because no matter how many times you dig yourself out of the hole, life finds a way to bring you back in. I was so tired of trading my hard-earned money for my needs.

My husband and I wanted more financial independence and started a home-based business; but that ironically takes money, so you even go into debt trying to make more money. Life tends to teach ironic lessons; I came to learn about economic strategies that banks and the wealthy implement to create and grow wealth. Had I known about these strategies 20+ years ago… things would have been quite different.

So fast forward to the present; we had our own financial needs analysis with a wealth strategist and found out our personal financial solutions were based on incomplete information and that’s why we were stuck in this never-ending cycle of being in and out of debt, not making the kind of progress for savings and retirement that we were striving for so hard. We were doing things the way most people do things because few of us have been taught how to structure ourselves financially in a way that benefits us, and not the banks.

For many generations, this way of structuring has been kept hush-hush. However, armed with actual financial solutions, it becomes possible to not only retire with confidence, but to be able to live now with financial benefits. I had wasted 20-some of my adult years doing what everyone does financially and getting nowhere fast. But now, armed with the proper tools and information, we’ve been able to take control of our financial path and are on our way to accomplish our current and future financial goals.

This life-changing information not only helped us get set on the right path but it has helped our loved ones and others, too. If you’re thinking it’s too late for you, that’s just not true. Reach out to us to see how you can take control and accomplish your goals, too.

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Ben Franklin, CEO of Poor Richard's Almanac

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